HJD-DP11 270 Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Drum inner/outer round lathe processing, ensure that the drum thickness consistent, hair heat within ± 1.5 °C. Roller surface teflon treatment, anti – stick (prevent the head and tall of the thread stick to the roller, durable. The temperature inside the drum is more stable, ensure that the temperature of each point is consistent, transfer effect without color difference.

The heating tube is made of stainless steel imported from taiwan heat conducting oil heating, heating faster, energy saving 15% the above.

Air pressure prresure device, can be adjusted according to different material transfer, transfer faster printing, more vivid colors.

Air expansion shaft retraction and retraction function, paper/cloth placement parallel and accurate, retraction the paper is tighter, more. Labor saving, high overall efficiency.

Blanket belt detach, with synchronous lever adjustment and pressure balance rod, ensure that each blanket and heating cylinder pressure consistent, thoroughly resolved better protection of blanket when shutdown or power failure to extend its life.

The Machine is equipped with independent oil tank, liquid level can be seen, adding heat conducting oil is very important convenient. With the unique advantages of explosion – proof, high safety performance.

Use frequency conversion governor, can freely adjust printing speed, transfer speed more stable.

The machine USES three receive three put function, three put cloth, put transfer printing paper, put protective paper (after transfer printing paper, receive protection paper, grey cloth). suttable for transferring batch loading, cutting and garmanty.

Fitur Unggulan :

  • Lebar roller 1,8 meter
  • Kecepatan 60 meter/jam
  • Diameter drum 270 mm
  • 2 meter working table
  • Maximum temperature 260°

Hubungi :

(021) 22813394